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The Office of Communications in England manages telephone numbers. Ofcom designed a system for assigning telephone numbers to subscribers’ stations use this website Call Nation and Ajoxi. The number sizes are variable. You can also dial local numbers via landlines. All numbers on mobile phones, including geo numbers have 10 national codes after the “0”. UK’s National Numbering Plan is:

Type of Prefix Service

  • International 00
  • 01 Geographical area codes 
  • 02 Geographical areas codes were established in 2000.
  • 0 Other Geographical numbers: Charged at geo-area standard rates (introduced in 2007)
  • 04 Not in use
  • 05 Corporate Numbering; VoIP Services; Toll Free Services (0500) Available until June 2017
  • 06 Not in use
  • 07 Mobile phone and telephony (071xx0-075xx& 077xx –079xx), personal numing (776xx), UK mobile network (6244) and pagers (776xx).
  • 08 Free Toll Free Service (080x), Additional Rate Services (084x)
  • 09 Premium rate services

Identify geographic numbers in the approved (Ofcom), group

The United Kingdom houses five area numbers. England has five area numbers.


01, 02: Geographic Numbers that begin with 01, 02 or 03 are standard numbers to use for home and office phones. This is often separated from the code with 403 area code and 425 area code. Sometimes it is called the’subscriber/local number. Manchester can only have the number 9460018.

– UK-Wide Numbers

Numbers beginning with 03 refer to government agencies and businesses.

 Businesses and Internet Phones

Large organizations require large numbers of numbers in order to set up their private phone networks are available for internet phone services.  Fixed phones can be reached at free rates at 0500 phone numbers.

07: Personal and portable numbers

These can be used for mobile phones or similar services over a mobile network: Both businesses and private individuals use 070 phone numbers to forward calls from other phones to theirs. To call pagers you need 076 numbers. 07624 may only be used by mobile phones. All the numbers beginning 07 refer to mobile phones. You will get visit this Website on how to get a french mobile number and click it.

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