How To Get A French Mobile Number

How To Get A French Mobile Number

You can use the French telephone numbering scheme in Metropolitan France, French overseas départements and some overseas communities. France uses a closed-numbering system with ten numbers. Where the first two characters are used to denote a location, non-geographic, or mobile number.

  • 01 Ile-de-France
  • 02 Northwest France
  • 03 Northeast France
  • 04 Southeast France
  • 05 Southwest France
  • 06 Mobile phone services
  • 07 Mobile phone services
  • 08 Special phone numbers. Freephone (numerovert), and shared-cost services
  • 09 non-geographic figures (used in Voice over IP)

All numbers in the world should be dialed in a ten-digit format. 00 is the International Telecommunication Union’s preferred access code by Ajoxi and Lets Dial.

The leading zero should be left out if you wish to call France via an overseas phone. To reach a number in Southwest France one could dial +33 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

French people often state their phone number using a five-digit sequence, e.g. 0xxxxxxxxxxx (and no, for example, 0, xxxxxxxxxxxxx, 0xxxxxxxxxxx, or 0xxxxxxxxxxxx).


French subscribers used eight digits to identify their telephone numbers for many years. These numbers included a one-digit Paris area code 1. There was also a two-digit area code that ranged from 20 to 99 in other major metropolitan areas. This area code could be dialed only by calling trunk 16 But there were no area codes. International calls between different regions and Metropolitan France required the use of the international calling prefix 19, which included the subscriber numbers, the area codes, and the country codes By the Wholesale VoIP is area code 402 area code and 424 area code.


This system ran out of numbers by the 1980s. The French system now has two zones. Paris had one zone and the Ile-de-France surroundings another. Subscribers received the old area numbers. Paris had an area code 1, while Paris had an area code 1. The 4 prefixed seven-digit numbers. So, subscribers can start with 40. 4056 1873 would be an example. For calls from France, you will need to dial the trunk prefix 16. Then, follow by the area codes of Paris 1 and 8.


The 09 prefix was used for non-geographic special services in September 2006.8 095xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was created to replace older numbers such as 087xxxxxxxxxxxx for VoIP in Internet boxes. 2005 saw closure of the national system for information 12. This resulted in the creation of many new informational services, 118 xxx. These cost EUR3/call plus EUR3/minute.

Defunct prefixes
  • Revisions in 1996
  • 16 long distance prefix.
  • 19 – International Prefix – Changed To: 00
  • The second dial tone was also dropped. The dialling procedures now comply with ETSI or ITU guidelines.

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