How To Get A Free German Phone Number

How can I get an anonymous telephone number?

The temporary switch number is what you use to place a classified ad or get a callback from a department. The next step in finding the name of someone with a phone number is how to find their address. To search for the person that you are searching for, enter his phone number into the search field on the website Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial.

However, how can you create a telephone number?

Making a Virtual Phone Number To order a virtual telephone number, please contact an operator telephone specialist Germany has an open telephone numbering plan. There were no minimum numbers for area codes or subscriber numbers. Germany does not have any specific geographic area codes. They can be distinguished from other numbers easily because they only have non-geographic number numbers.


On the 3rd May 2010, a new system of numbering was put into place for landline phones. It includes the area code but does not include the trunk Prefix of 0. This standard length is the same as the old 11 digit rule. They are also the only place with two-digit areas codes. German telephone networks use 5200 geo-codes. This code can be as long as five numbers, but not including the trunk codes 0, and it is limited to the New States.

Geographic numbering

Main article: Germany Area Codes Geographic areas codes can have between two and five digits. Maximum length for all digits: eleven. Geographic numbers are assigned to carriers in blocks. They can then make derivative assignments for subscribers. Subscriber numbers could be called from landlines in the same geocode. But they do not need to begin with 0 or 11. The area code’s initial digits indicated that there were fewer subscribers 410 area code and 440 area code or the type of subscribers. A new carrier can also assign different numbers to blocks. You will get this website app to get UK number and click it

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