Free German DID Number

Free German DID Number

Federal Network Agency(German Bundesnetzagentur, BNetzA), Germany’s responsible for regulating the telephone number in Germany.

Germany has an open approach to telephone numbering. In other words, subscriber numbers might only consist of two digits. The dialing sequences may vary in length. Except for some geographic area codes, subscriber numbers can be as long as two digits 408 area code and 435 area code.

German telephone networks use 5200 geocodes. They can be between 2 and 5 digits long (not including trunk codes 0,), while non-geographic code areas, such as those used by cell phones, get assigned 01 and network services to 11.

Geographic numbering Main article: Germany’s Area Codes

Geographical area codes are between two and five digits in length. A geographical area code cannot exceed eleven digits.  In its original form, the first few digits after the area code indicated an area smaller than others or the type or number of subscriber lines. Also, new carriers assign numbers blocks to different numbers websites please visit this website Ajoxi and Lets Dial.

(0xx) xxxx-xxxx

This describes Germany’s four largest metropolitan regions: Berlin (030), Hamburg (040), Frankfurt/69, and Munich (89) All new numbers are 8 digits in length for the local subscriber. This number is shorter than the maximum of 11 digits that are allowed in other areas.

Numbers may have had as few as five numbers in the past.

(0xxx) xxxx-xxxx

For area codes that have 3 digits, the new numbers (for all locations starting in May 2010; some were older, e.g. Cologne beginning in February 2007) will be used. Have eight digits. Therefore, the total length of the numbers is 11 digits.

(0xxxx) xxx-xxxx

New numbers will be assigned to all areas codes beginning May 2010. Some cities have had four digits in the past. However, numbers for Heidelberg numbers were seven digits in May 2003. They may have seven digits total in rural areas.

(03xxxx) xx-xxxx

Some small areas of former East Germany are assigned five-digit area code numbers. All these numbers start with  Some locations are older and others have six digits. However, total length yields eleven digits.

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